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Positions/Designations Key Officials Direct Line / CP No.
 Medical Center Chief II   Richard B. Sison, M.D., MHA,  PFCHA   
 OIC-Chief of Medical Professional Staff   Jover C. Punsalan, M.D.,  FPOA,  FPSS    
 Chief Administrative Officer   Eugene A. Dagoldol, RN, MN,  MBA   
 Chief Nurse / Nurse VII   Nona C. Galvez, R.N., M.N.   
 Financial and Management Officer II  Tita C. Azur, CPA  
 Accountant IV  May Kristaliz G.  Eijansantos,CPA, JD  
 Budget Officer  / Supervising  Administrative Officer   Emely G. Jungco, MPA  
 Disbursing Officer / Supervising  Administrative Officer   Paterna B. Paragas, MPA   
 Records Officer / Supervising  Administrative Officer   Hyde M. Villamor, MPA   
 Materials Management Officer /  Supervising Administrative Officer   Julius Fernando C. Suarez,  LLB   
 Procurement Officer / Admin. Officer III   Cris abel M. Guevarra, MPA   
 Human Resource Management Officer /  Supervising Administrative Officer   Irvin C. Samonte, MPA, MBA  
 Pharmacist V  Pharah Nina S. Aluyen, MPA  
 Nutritionist-Dietitian V  Percybell C. Rosales  
 Social Welfare Officer IV  Mier T. Africano  
 Professional, Education and Training -  Medical Officer IV  Dr. Lorraine B. Empalmado  
 Professional, Education and Training -  Nurse VI  Mayphine V. Sacatropez, RN,  MN  
 Professional, Education and Training  - Training Specialist IV  Judith D. Estavas, RN  
 Medical Technologist V  Annie Jean V. Marata, RMT  
 Planning Officer / Admin. Officer III  Jessa Mae C. Emia, MPA  
 Engineer III  Engr. Royland D. Tan, REE   
 Radiologic Technologist IV  Ronie M. Sudiang, RRT  
 Medical Technologist IV (Blood Bank)  Hildaliza F. Muñoz, RMT   
 Integrated Hospital Operations and  Management Program (CMT III)  Rafael C. Cañete Jr.  
 Billing and Claims (Administrative Officer  IV)  Enie G. Pilanga, MPA